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jan 2016
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On this route there were several films who was shot as the Graps of whrath in 1940 by John  steinbeck, the journey of two cyclist along the main street of America of their journey symbolizes the quest fer freedom and the countor culture of the late 60s and early 70s . Another movies also which has been carried out on this road is   Thelma and Louise  in 1991.Both movies with female héroïnes who left men behind refer to the third wave feminist movement and Route 66 stands for women’s freedom and independance .

Historical facts

jan 2016
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In the fist of the Route 66  » Cadillac Panch  » which has automotive evolution  » cadillac » which  consiste of 10 cars that  are on the Texan desert water. We  as visitors we can tag these cars.

Cadillac Ranch à Amarillo, Texas

During my traveler i could make different judgments in restaurants as one i’ll show you .I went  on Blue swallow motel having of our disposal a multitude of service as restaurants ,bar, service station , garages and lots of other. It’s very convenient when one has needs.

Tourist attraction

jan 2016
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Welcome to all, I would like to share  my experience when that i am part 15 days visited Route 66.
Detailled programme
jan 2016
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Happened i cross Route 66 which is composed of 3 945 km in not even 20 days. My starting point is Chicago to Amirillo .Can there be many stops between the States this is very beautiful.The visit thre  means of transport that i could use was a car or we were  in a small group of 30 person with a guide to visit  Route 66 in various stages.

map-a-ajouter-en-bas-du-texte-manuellementWelcome to Route 66

jan 2016
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When i arrived around Clinton, the Texas border is more far which means that Route 66  ends soon Oklahoma was installed a museum dedicated to the mythical way. Inside this museum i was surpised by what he had it was fabulous, it is an atmosphere of Route 66.They have installed old garages , old meen cars , motels..


Le Route 66 Museum de Clinton, OK.MUSEUM

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